Size Guide

Meet Doris

Doris is our delightful sewing dummy who is here to help you get the right size every time. Her measurements are below which is roughly a size 12.
Bust - 95cm (37.4")
Waist -75cm (29.5")
Hips -100cm (39.37")
She'll be pictured in every product so that you can compare your size with your last purchase. We'll let you know the actual size she is wearing because as we know ladies' sizes can sometimes be a bit of a lucky guess.

Getting the right size



Here's some of our tips on finding your perfect fit.

Female - we understand the sizing challenges of shopping.
It’s always hard trying to find your size when you are a size 12 in your favourite tee and a size 10 in your last pants purchase.

We also have sizing charts available on each product's page to help with choosing a size. Please note that these sizing guides are sent to us by each brand and are not an actual measurement of the garment itself. It is also worth noting that we rarely fit perfectly into each measurement category on the sizing chart as they are to be used as a guide only.

To make it easy for you we've put the size guide right with the product. All of our sizes are in Australian sizes so if you are an international customer we recommend double checking the size chart measurements as sizing will vary.

* Please note the sizing chart is intended as an approximate guide only

How to measure your size correctly
- Bust: measure the fullest part of your bust, this is typically across the nipple
- Waist: this measurement is taken under your rib cage, close to the belly button
- Hips: take this measurement from across your hip bones at the widest part of your hips
- Torso: start at your shoulder closest to your neck and take the tape down the front of your body and pass it under your crotch, move it all the way up your back to meet the other end of the take at your shoulder, it should look like a loop.

Shop your shape 
This is what we've learnt from years of fitting women of all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Nobody has the perfect body shape.....

- Big busted -

- Petite busted - 

- Worried about your tummy -

- Have a long body -